What we stand for

Cadela Carlota has been caring for abandoned dogs and cats in the area of Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal, since 2008.

We are concerned with the animals´ welfare, health, safety and quality of life. The dogs and cats we care for have been abandoned and ignored and require affection and a family to call their own.

For some, however, the shelter will be their forever home, because we must consider them unadoptable; due to a number of particular circumstances such as age, chronic health issues or handicaps that impair their movement.

The entire team, including many volunteers, are working tirelessly every day to provide individual care, comfort, training and love to each animal.

Our ultimate goal, however, is to find a caring human who will give the animal his or her forever home.

To achieve our goal

… we need your help! Please adopt, foster or share our page. Consider becoming a member, being a sponsor, volunteer or make a donation.